Monthly Archives: July 2017


Latest update by Microsoft for the Power BI Desktop

June 2017 release is full of new reporting features, new data connectors, accessibility features, and more. A couple of highlights of the June release are the addition of data bars to tables and matrices, markers for line charts, new map themes, and a horizontal image slicer. In addition, to improve the “Add Column from Example” feature in the Query Editor is in progress.
• New visual: Shape Map (preview)

Shape Map is another mapping visual that has been added to Power BI.

Introduction to reports and dashboards

A report is defined as “A document containing information organized in a narrative, graphic, or tabular form, prepared on ad hoc, periodic, recurring, regular, or as required basis. Reports may refer to specific periods, events, occurrences, or subjects, and may be communicated or presented in oral or written form”.
The purpose of a report is mainly to convey information. Reports may provide a direct solution to the problem or may just be a record of the past data.