Index and Match Function

//Index and Match Function


Index and Match Function :

Match –
Searches for the lookup value in the array and returns the index no (position no)
Index –
Opposite of Match, gets us the actual value in the array when the index no. of the array is passed.


Gets the index no. of Ramesh from the list of SalesPerson –  MATCH(A4,A3:A12)
Gets the name of the sales person at the position no. 2 in the list of SalesPerson –  INDEX(A3:A12,2)

Combination of Index-Match function
Get the NetSales for Satish ?
Use the combination of Index and Match Function.

Using Index-Match combination to retrieve a corresponding value has many advantages over Vlookup :

  • Need not select the entire lookup table, just have to select the two columns which are relevant
  • There will be no problem if lookup table goes for any new column inserts

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